Learn to build hot selling, competition proof listings on Amazon by bundling common, easily sourced items under your own brand!

Having Hot Selling ASIN’s that Belong Only to You on Amazon is Not as Hard as You’ve Been Told it is!

  • Fact: You DO NOT need to source products from China or anywhere else to build your own brand on Amazon!
  • Fact: You DO NOT need to do keyword research and find a “hot niche” in order to have a hot brand on Amazon!
  • Fact: You can put popular, recognized brand name items in your own box with your own logo on the box and sell it as your own untouchable brand on Amazon!

This full multi-module course is BRAND NEW for 2022!

Learning the Proven Brand Building strategy means:

  • Diversifying Your Business and Stabilizing the Amazon Seller Experience
  • Helping You Scale and Systemize Your Business
  • Separating Yourself from Your Competition and Ending the “Race to the Bottom” on all Your Bundle ASINs
  • Opening Up All the New Features Amazon Provides to Brand Registered Sellers
  • Building A More Long-Term & Sustainable Branded Online Business as a True Asset That Can Be Sold for Top Dollar
  • Building Trust and Stability with Amazon and Minimizing the Risk of Ever Getting Your Amazon Account Into Trouble

We have students using these strategies who are doing $300K+ PER MONTH on listings that are locked down and protected from any competition. These are ASINs that belong ONLY to one seller!

This training IS NOT a Private Label Course that will send you down a six month dead end journey attempting to teach you how to source products from China where you spend massive amounts of time “putting it all together” while taking legal, logistical and quality control risks - winding up with a garage full of unsellable inventory nine months from now. (That’s the other guys way of selling pricey software and trainings. We don’t do that.)

DON’T GET ME WRONG Private Label Brand Building is not a bad strategy. It’s works well for some people, but it’s advanced, complicated, expensive, mostly saturated, not very sustainable and has a very high percentage of failure for new sellers (95% fail). Unless and until you are putting $10,000 per month net in the bank monthly on Amazon you should not be attempting to launch a new product on the platform! Your odds of failure are truly overwhelming. There are easier and quicker ways to generate revenue in this business and we will show you how it is done.

The Proven Brand Building strategy is much easier to implement for all sellers from new to advanced. People who take this course will easily bolt on these proven cutting edge selling techniques to their existing Amazon business. These are strategies that are working now (techniques that very few sellers know about) and are techniques that will work long-term and put you well ahead of 99% of all other sellers on Amazon.

The techniques taught in the Proven Brand Building Course are specifically for anyone already familiar with:

  • Simple Retail/Online Sourcing Strategies
  • Replens Selling Strategies
  • Wholesale Selling Strategies
  • Advanced (or currently struggling with) Private Label Selling Strategies

(If none of the above describe you, you should start with our training! We’ve helped thousands of Amazon sellers launch incredible businesses and we have dozens of recent success stories on our podcast at

Here's what we'll be covering in the course:

  • How to create listings of Single units, Bundles or Multipacks that are already established as great selling Replen products. You’ll create powerful listings that we can lock down from competition by adding our own unique branded item to the mix.
  • How to get a Brand Name Trademarked and Brand Registered quickly on Amazon (the right way) so you can make use of the new Brand Registry features that Amazon has created that will help increase sales, ASIN rank and conversion rates. (This is part of the secret sauce that barely 1% of all Amazon sellers have even heard of!)
  • How Brand Registry and Intellectual Property works on Amazon and all the benefits of Brand Registry including: A+ Content, Amazon Stores, Sponsored Brand Ads, Brand Referral Bonus, Sponsored Video Ads, Virtual Bundles, and more. These give you a huge edge on Amazon as you lock down hot selling ASIN’s that belong ONLY to you!
  • How to properly build a brand that will look professional so your customers will be eager and confident to buy from you repeatedly. Learn from our top experts about Logo’s, Taglines, Brand Story, Insert Cards, Custom Packaging and how we create high level style guides for successful household brands.
  • You will be shown step by step how to build and add high quality listings on Amazon that rank well, convert to sales using our proven best practices. Also learn about how we can build the listings for you or your clients for a profit.
  • You will learn to create an impulsive buyer response. Images are the #1 thing your customers will take into consideration when making a buying decision so doing this the right way is very important.
  • You will learn how easy it is to rank at the top of the search results by creating simple, branded promotional videos on your listings (Even if you are not “techie” this is so simple). This strategy helps you rank well without having to wait for reviews!

Making “a branded bundle” is not enough - you have to do it the right way and we’ll show you step-by-step what that means.

We will teach you how to do it the right way the first time. We will teach you how to do everything yourself and also teach you how to inexpensively hire us to do the things that are not in your wheel house if needed.

As always you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with our no questions asked refund policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Proven Branding Course at any point let us know and we will promptly take care of you.

Only $697

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